On Your Side: New or Used?

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, May 23, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Imagine paying hundreds to buy something brand new; only to find out it's actually used.

That's just what a South Augusta woman says happened to her at a well-known electronics store .

When you pay for a brand-new item, you expect to get a brand-new item.

Be it clothes, electronics or anything else.

But that doesn't always happen.

Like many people, Peggy Belger can get a little turned around in a new city.

It's a problem she figured a GPS could solve for her.

"I got hooked on how easy it was to find streets." she said.

So, she bought one from Circuit City, but immediately things seemed a little weird.

"The box looked used." she said.

She was assured it was fine and everything was in it, but that wasn't necessarily true, it was missing the owner's manual.

And then things got even stranger.

"I started looking at the previous destinations and scrolled down and found 6 Knoxville, Tennessee address in it." she said." she said.

6 Knoxville, Tennessee address that Peggy didn't put in the system.

It looks like Peggy got someone else's old gps unit.

"I paid $534.99 for a new product and i have a used product." she said.

She took it back to the store and was told she could get a new one, which were all out of stock, or get a refund.
But that refund came with a stipulation.

"The man at the customer service desk said there was a $75 restocking fee." she said.

Again for a used product that Peggy thought she was buying brand-new.

"I don't want to pay $75 to restock. That was a used product I paid a brand new price for." she said.

12 On Your Side contacted Circuit City to see if the company could fix things.

Peggy says she is getting a brand-new GPS at a discounted price and she is not having to pay the $75 restocking fee.

The total is $133.

That brings the total amount of money 12 On Your Side has recovered for our viewers to $210,908.

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