Wal-Mart could come to Grovetown

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News 12 at 6:00, May 22, 2007

GROVETOWN, Ga.--Business could be booming out in Grovetown.
The mayor tells news 12 a new Wal-Mart may be coming to the area.

News 12 has an exclusive look at the plans the possible construction.
It shows Walmart, and lots of other shops, at I-20 and Lewiston road.

All of this could be big for Grovetown's economy, and for small business workers like Eric Samuels. He says their profits could grow if a new Wal-Mart brings new customers into the area.

"With more people coming, they may possibly clean their car. And everybody will be shopping." Samuels said.

More shopping means more sales tax dollars. This is how it works: let's say a hypothetical company makes $280,000 in sales tax dollars every month. In Columbia County, a part of that goes to community improvements. For the entire year, that's more than $33 thousand from just one business.

The plan shows more than just one; it shows an entire shopping center. Mayor Dennis Trudeau says it all started a few months ago when a Wal-Mart representative said they were interested in the Grovetown area.

"The real estate folks went around, looked at rooftops, looked at the situation here in this area, and decided on the area here within the vicinity of Grovetown." Mayor Trudeau said.

The possibility of a mega-store is a mixed-blessing for some. Gray Knight Computing owner Donny Gray says a new Wal-Mart could cut into part of his computer sales; however, as more people buy computers, more people will need repairs.

"I get a lot of repair jobs from people who buy computers from Wal-Mart," he said. "The more computers that are out there, the better it is for me."

The plan shows the entire area will cover almost four hundred thousand square feet.

Representatives from Wal-Mart did not confirm the details of this plan, but they say they are interested in the area.

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