On Your Side: In The Dark

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, May 21, 2007

Trenton, SC -- A Trenton woman says her family has been going without electricity in parts of their home for the past three months. She blames it all on the company that installed her satellite television system.

All the Meigs wanted was to get satellite television in their home. Instead, they say they got a cut electric line and a big fire hazard. "I have extension cords all over the place," Rebecca Meigs says.

Rebecca Meigs is living in a sea of wires. "I have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7," she said while pointing to several power strips containing a number of plugs in them.

It all started about three months ago, when she says she was having Directv install satellite TV in her home.

"They drilled a hole through my wall. In the process of that, they put a hole through my wire," she said.

That wire with the hole in it just so happened to supply power to her living room and the master bedroom. "He (the technician) apologized and I didn't want to get the man in any trouble," she said.

The apology may have come quickly, but help didn't. Despite repeated calls to the company, the family still has to run extension cords from all over the house just to get power where they need it, but that doesn't always work.

"I go in my bedroom and automatically flip on my light and no lights," she said.

The Meigs say they have been calling Directv over and over again, but nothing has been done.

Until then, Rebecca and her family will just keep their activities to other rooms. But if it doesn't get fixed soon, the Meigs could find themselves in a much bigger mess. "My house could burn down at any time and I wouldn't know," Rebecca said.

12 On Your Side put in a call to Directv for some answers. We're happy to report that the problem is now fixed and the company is now investigating why this damage claim was delayed for so long.

The cost of the repair was $350. That brings the total amount of money 12 On Your Side has recovered for our viewers to $210,775.

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