Man dies in mobile home fire

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News 12 First at Five, May 18, 2007

GLOVERVILLE, S.C.---61-year-old Jonny Williamson is dead after a fire in his Gloverville home this morning.

Vikki Williamson planned to leave work early today to take her husband to his doctor's appointment. Instead she came home to find emergency crews surrounding her Finley Street mobile home and her husband dead.

"I just wish he could have gotten out," she told News 12.

Authorities say Jonny Williamson was overcome by smoke.

There's no visible damage on the outside of the home, because crews were able to contain the fire to inside the kitchen.

Investigators say Williamson was likely cooking, and that's what sparked the fire.

Crews found him near the front door, which leads them to believe he tried to escape.

His family says his medical condition likely made that more difficult.

"He was having problems walking, because I saw him yesterday," said Williamson's sister, Readell Williamson.

Williamson comes from a big family. His five sisters were the first family to arrive, and they spoke with us about their baby brother.

"He loved his family," Readell said. "He was a good, good person, and I'm so heartbroken over what's happened to him."

If there's any comfort for Williamson's wife, she says it's having the support of a close family and community along with knowing her husband's death involved minimal suffering.

"Our 18th anniversary is the 26th, but we didn't quite make it," she said.

Mr. Williamson was home alone when this happened.

Fire investigators tell us they are also looking at whether this had something to do with a faulty electrical outlet.

Aiken County sheriff's investigators were on the scene earlier today as well as part of their standard procedure. They say nothing about this fire appears suspicious.

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