Dumb and Dangerous Driving - May 17, 2007

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News 12 at 11:00, May 17, 2007

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC--Busy intersections can be hard to navigate, especially when people are driving in the wrong lane. It's all happening in North Augusta at the intersection of Atomic and Martintown Roads.

The law says you're supposed to keep your lane while you turn. When you go right, stay in the right lane. When you go left, stay in the left lane. The problem is, not everyone understands that law.

News 12 caught people going for the same place at the same time. In one example, a left-turner waits in the middle of the intersection to get into the right lane. The truck behind is ready to go, so he turns left around the car. Driver Erma ellis sees it all the time.

"We were turning right and a car turned left into the path of a car turning right. and there was an accident," Erma said.

Officer Travis Redd with North Augusta Public Safety says driving like that lead to roughly 60 crashes in the past year: "The majority in this intersection are pretty severe because of speeds."

However, he says the threat of that danger isn't keeping everyone on the proper path. News 12 caught three in a row turning right, straight into the left lane.

"It does present a really bad situation for people," said Erma.

The penalty for breaking this law if four points on your license, and almost one hundred thirty dollars.

South Carolina Driver's Manual:

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