Imperial Audit Reveals Missing $100,000

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May 16, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---The board President of the Imperial Theater, Paul brewer sat down with reporters Wednesday to answer some questions about the firing of Executive Director Lara Plocha last month, and the reasons behind it.

Brewer said the board first found out their bank account didn't have the $100,000 dollars Plocha told them it did. The problems surfaced when the group Dance Augusta asked for the money they were owed from their Nutcracker performances in November. The group told Brewer they were owed 44-thousand dollars and hadn't been paid. "The simple fact is that there were incorrect financial reports given intentionally to the board and that is the reason Lara was terminated," said Brewer.

News 12 talked to Ms. Plocha Wednesday afternoon and she said, "That is an assumption on their part and I'd welcome the opportunity to talk with the board about it."

Brewer also told said the board hadn't done an independent accounting of their finances in about two years, and that they'd been taking Plocha's financial reports at face value. Brewer added they would be voting soon to adopt an audit policy on a yearly basis.

Brewer also said they found out employees' federal withholding had not been paid, but that Imperial Theater has since paid it. Brewer also said he wasn't sure who else had not been paid. He said he hopes they have a better handle on that after they get the final audit, which could come in a few weeks.

The Imperial Theater does get SPLOST money from the city, and that money is not part of the missing $100,000, according to Brewer.

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