Two teens arrested in Mitchell murder investigation

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AUGUSTA, GA -- Two teenagers are now in jail and charged with felony murder after Richmond County deputies say a tipster led them to Tollie Mitchell's killers.

Investigators say 16-year-old Desmond Grissam and 19-year-old Tavaris Wilcher shot Mitchell after robbing him at gunpoint.

Wednesday, the victim's family talked to Crime Team 12's Lynnsey Gardner about the arrests.

While the family is still shocked over Mitchell's murder, they say they are even more shocked to learn, someone they considered a friend may have pulled the trigger.

The Mitchell family is mourning after 29-year-old Tollie Mitchell is murdered. His girlfriend, Felecia Lewis tells News 12, "It's really hard for us to sit here and pretend that it doesn't hurt because it does."

The family says they are hurt by his loss, and also by the news that the same teenager who often help cut Blanch Mitchell's grass and ate dinner at her table, is now behind bars charged with murdering her son.

Sixteen-year-old Desmond Grissam was a friend of the Mitchell family. Now, Richmond County investigators say he and 19-year-old Tavaris Wilcher robbed Tollie Mitchell at gunpoint and then shot him. It happened last Friday, May 11th, at the Regency Square Apartment Complex. Investigators say Mitchell met the two teens for a drug deal, but in a matter of minutes deputies say Grissam and Wilcher stole the drugs, fired a fatal gunshot to Mitchell's neck, and left him in his car where he died.

"I'm hoping along with his sister that he didn't have to suffer," says Lewis.

Now, the Mitchell family is suffering without him. They say Tollie known as "TC" had worked to get his life on track and be a good father to his two children. They say he was working toward a better future for himself; a future that he will never live to see.

Now, Lewis says the family has a message for the ones investigators say are responsible. "Was it necessary? Was it really necessary? The fact of the matter is they are teenage boys but they have to be accountable. They made an adult choice but they have to be and need to be accountable."

Desmond Grissam is a Glenn Hills High School student. He was arrested Monday at Butler High School with a stolen car and stolen money. He was booked into Richmond County's Youth Detention Center and that's where he was when investigators tied him to the murder. He is only 16, but he will face murder charges as an adult.

Tollie Mitchell's funeral is planned for Thursday afternoon, May 17th, at the Williams Funeral Home off of Tobacco Road.

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