Commission adjournment avoids controversy

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News 12 First at 5, May 15, 2007

AUGUSTA,Ga---Some leaders are calling it the power of prayer, others say it was simply a clandestine move by some commissioners.

To avoid another blowup in Tuesday's commission meeting, Commissioner Andy Cheek made a motion to adjourn the meeting before the issue concerning City Administrator Fred Russell's hard drive was discussed. Five other commissioners voted in favor of the motion, and the meeting ended immediately.

The group had planned to rethink their decision to censure Commissioner Holland after an Atlanta attorney issued an opinion last week saying Holland did not violate city policy by asking to seize the hard drive. Holland says he suspected the Administrator was doing personal business on his city computer.

Commissioner Holland says Cheek's move to avoid discussion was a way for him to avoid having to admit he was wrong.

Holland says he will place the item back on the next commission agenda.

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