Jenkins-White Elementary vandalized

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, May 15, 2007

Augusta, GA---When Jonay Bailey got to her first grade classroom on Monday and saw her window broken she was startled.

"I was worried about my kids," Bailey said. Worried for the first time in the seven years she's been teaching at Jenkins-White Elementary.

"When I saw the window out I thought what could happen next? Are they going to try to come back and get what they couldn't the first time?" she said.

Vandals broke into the classroom over the weekend and stole a computer, four palm pilots and a stereo.

Last administrators say a para-professional's car was stolen right out of the school's parking lot in broad daylight.

"My child is 7-years-old and for her to be so concerned about break-ins, that concerns me" said grandparent, Vernell Dent.

It's why she plans on asking the school board for more police presence at the school.

"I don't want them sitting in the class wondering is someone gonna break in today?", she said.

Principal Marva Tutt, says the recent rash of crimes is unusual and security at the school has never been an issue until now.

While she says she's not opposed to the idea of additional security what she doesn't want is a full-time officer at the school.

"In my opinion when you have a resource officer in an elementary school it makes the students feel like prisoners" she said.

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