Special Assignment: Unsolved Investigation

News 12 at 6 o'clock, May 14, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Last year... there were 20 murders in Augusta.
All of them were solved... except for one. We're hoping you can help investigators figure out who killed Isaiah Selman.

He was 28 years old and had an outgoing personality. He had friends all over town. But Isaiah could be a bit secretive too, and investigators believe he may have fallen into the wrong crowd. That may be why he ended up dead on the side of Old McDuffie Road.

Investigator Steve Fanning- "I have not been able to confirm that he was in any trouble...But i do think there were certain people he hung out with that may have been of the criminal element."

Investigator Fanning remembers what it looked like that day. It looked like a small brush fire... Burning along the side of the road where it comes to a dead end at the Bobby Jones Expressway.

It happened across the street from a busy church... In the middle of a summer morning... And there was almost an eyewitness to the burning...

"At first when I observed it I thought it was a regular mannequin until I observed it some more and said no that's a body."

That man- who did not want to be identified, was the first to notice the fire. He was a maintenance man, working across the street at Living Word Christian Center.

Almost a year has passed since that July day... and the crime scene is nearly hidden in the brush. You have to look closely to see any evidence of the fire.

Investigator Fanning takes it all in.
"This appears to be a secondary crime scene where the victim was dropped off after being murdered the night before."

In fact- Isaiah was bound by the killer and was dead before he was dumped here. According to the investigator:
"The piece missing from this puzzle is from Sunday evening into Monday morning where we found him. We firmly believe the murder of Isaiah Selman happened sometime Sunday night."

And this former car wash is part of that puzzle. It was owned Andre Jackson who's in jail on unrelated charges.

There was a party here the weekend Isaiah Selman was murdered. It's the last place he was seen alive. Cell phone records show a phone call between the 2 men.

Isaiah made another call the day he died, leaving a brief message for his sister, Lakeasha.
"I find myself stressed all the time I think about the last time I talked to my brother throughout the day."

Back at the scene of the fire... Investigator Fanning says this last unsolved murder of 2006 may come down to another phone call.
"One phone call being able to give us a description of who may have been seen with Isaiah Selman may close that gap, to confirm who he was with- definitely."

As for the owner of that closed down car wash on Peach Orchard Road, investigators will only describe Andre Jackson as a "person of interest" in the case.

If you have any information that can help lead police to the killer, call investigator Steve Fanning at the Richmond County Sheriff's Office...821-1075. You can also e-mail him at sfanning@augustaga.gov.

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