Another wreck on treacherous Mike Padgett

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6 o'clock, May 11, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---A van took a hard hit from a logging truck today. Deputies say the driver of the van did not yield the right of way and ended up getting smashed by the truck. Surprisingly, no one was hurt, but someone certainly could have been.

The accident happened on Mike Padgett Highway, and it's once again raising a red flag for drivers.

The road has a long history of wrecks.

"This is like Indianapolis 500," said Sandra Ivey, who witnessed today's accident.

"It seems to have a bad track record," said Capt. Jim Griffin. "Many of these accidents that occur...they should not happen."

Sandra couldn't agree more. "The van was like a sardine can, it was split into two."

Sandra heard the wreck from inside her store. It wasn't the first time she's seen collisions like these.

She drives the strip every day and is fed up with fast speeds and careless corners.

"We've had so many wrecks right through here in the morning times because people are flying down this road."

According to traffic statistics, Sandra's probably right.

It's happening not only on Mike Padgett, but elsewhere too.

Since January, close to 200 speeders have been ticketed in Richmond County, and between eight and ten thousand citations were issued.

"The solution to the accidents is the driver themselves," Capt. Griffin said. "We can only do so much. We can educate and we can write citations."

Today's accident brings the total number of accidents this year to close to 2800.

That doesn't even include other calls answered, like DUIs and speeding.

If we added up everything from January until now, we're talking more than 80,000 calls between both north and south Augusta.

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