On Your Side: Prescription Prices

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May 8, 2007

The US Senate has given two thumbs down to a bill that would make it legal for you to buy your prescription drugs from another country like Canada.

This will keep your prescriptions pricey...but it could also keep you safe.

The main reasons why lawmakers turned the bill down is because they say US health officials can't make sure the drugs you would get from those other countries are safe.

But proponents of the bill say all this is doing is keeping them from buying cheaper prescriptions.

Canada has long been known to have less expensive prescriptions than what can be found in the US. But lawmakers say there is no effective way for health officials to make sure inspect all those cheaper pills.

This is widely seen as a big win for the US pharmaceutical industry.

We did a price comparison of the same drugs from both a Canadian and a US retailer. Here's what we found.

If you wanted 100 milligrams of Celebrex, canadadrugs.com would charge you just 79 cents each. Drugstore.com charges nearly $2 a pill.

For 20 milligrams of Zocor, canadadrugs.com charges $2.49 apiece; drugstore.com, $4.67 each.

Lastly, Zocor generic at canadadrugs.com is $1.09 per pill. Drugstore.com charges $1.48 apiece.

Of course, these are just three types of pills from just two stores, but it does give you an idea of costs.

Either way, for right now, you will only be able to buy the more expensive, US-made drugs, but at least you'll know they are safe.

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