Vandals deface historic Miller Theater

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May 7, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Investigators need your help in finding a group of at least 15 people they say vandalized the historic Miller Theater on Broad Street.

They're hoping new surveillance video will help catch the vandals.

Peter Knox says he is disgusted. The historic theater he owns and was working to renovate and reopen is now scarred with graffiti.

Artifacts from the 40s are defaced, and irreplaceable antique copper mirrors are broken.

"It's despicable," Knox said. "It's a shame something this beautiful has gotten trashed in such a cheap way."

Lt. Tony Walden says the sheriff's office has no one in custody for the crime, but they are hoping surveillance video will help. It shows a group of men and women entering the building through a rear door on Saturday, April 28th. Investigators believe they broke in by climbing on top of the building.

Investigators know the hour-long video isn't that great, but they say it should provide clues.

"With 20 people coming in and out, somebody knows what went on," Lt. Walden said.

Authorities are also checking out fingerprints left on spray-paint cans in the building.

They believe the burglars were teens coming from a downtown club.

For Knox, the vandalism won't slow down his plans to renovate...but he says some of the historic things they've damaged just can't be replaced.

"It's more just the symbolism, and disrespect and the damage they did downstairs, to the mirror...that will be very difficult to replace," he said.

The video is not all that clear, but the date on the video shows this happened on April 28th. So if you were downtown around 8 or 9 o'clock that Saturday and saw anything, please call the sheriff's office at 706-821-1020.

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