Family Fraud Alert: Virginia Tech Email Scam

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May 4, 2007

Some unscrupulous folks are trying to cash in on a national tragedy.

Virginia Tech officials say someone out there is trying to make money off the Virginia Tech shootings. If you're not careful, it could be your bank account these folks are hacking into next.

The Virginia Tech website says emails are being sent out that claim to have a link to camera phone footage of the shootings.

But if you click that link, you're going to download files that can steal your personal information off your company.

Most of the information will be tied to your bank account.

That means you'll be opening yourself up for possible identity theft and bank account raids by cyber criminals.

The university is advising people not to read, respond to or click on any links in this type of email.

If you do get this email, you may want to contact your internet provider. The information you provide may help track down whoever is sending these emails out.

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