On Your Side: Online Drugs

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May 2, 2007

If you're ordering prescriptions over the internet, the FDA says you might want to be careful. Some of the companies you're ordering from could be selling you phony pills.

FDA officials say they have found up to 24 related websites that are selling counterfeit drugs.

Officials say they are part of the PharmacyCall365.com network.

Some of the samples ordered contained only talc and starch instead of the medicine that was promised.

Unfortunately, it looks like the websites are all operated outside of the US.

Local pharmacist Steve McElmurray of Park Pharmacy says you are taking a big risk ordering pills online.

"They don't know what they're getting," he said. "The capsules could be stuffed with any sort of powder. They might not dissolve properly like medicine you know you're getting."

For more information on how which websites are involved and some tips on buying prescriptions safely, click here.

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