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May 1, 2007

If you eat out a lot, you know that while you're filling your stomach, you're emptying your bank account.

12 On Your Side has an easy way for you to save a few bucks when you go out on the town.

Who doesn't like saving money when they go out? When you can buy a coffee and get one free, you feel like you're beating the system.

What if you heard there's an entire book out there that can help you beat the system almost every day?

It's no joke. It's the Entertainment Book, and it is chock full of coupons that can save you money at the places you love to go.

From pizza to smoothies and everything in between, just about everything inside is buy one, get one free.

Managers at R. Gabriel's coffee house say it's a great situation for the customers.

"It benefits them by letting try our coffee and become part of our family."

That's what the businesses hope: you try their product at a pretty good discount and then come back again and again.

The savings add up. $10 here and $10 there can end up being hundreds over a year.

It's not just food you can save on. If you're a golfer, you may like the sound of buy one greens fee get one free at golf courses like Forest Hills Golf Club.

There's a little something for everyone...and as long as you like saving money, it can work for you.

Many local schools and organizations sell the Entertainment Book every year for fundraisers.

At time of writing, the books are half price, just $16. Click here to visit the Entertainment Book's website and buy your own.

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