Hammond's Ferry: A connection to the river and the past

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April 27, 2007

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.---A new community is taking shape in North Augusta. It's only in its second year of development, but already 12 families have moved in to the tiny town of Hammond's Ferry along the river.

Homes, sidewalks, even retail shops all are part of this special place.

Walt Davis and his wife Angela are new to the neighborhood.

"From the day construction started, we couldn't wait till we was able to move in," Walt said.

The retired couple was the fifth family to buy into Hammond's Ferry.

The 200 acres are still under construction, but by 2015, there will be 800 new homes, plus recreation and retail space.

It's reconnecting North Augusta to the riverfront.

"We enjoy walking, and of course there's easy access to the Greeneway," Angela said.

Project director Turner Simkins says the layout is inspired by the late 1800's. It's a vision belonging to a man named James Jackson, who wanted streets and sidewalks by the Savannah.

"It's somewhat of a paradigm shift from the way people think of a neighborhood and community living, because it goes back to the way we used to live, when the automobile didn't dominate our lives," Simkins said.

Even some of the streets are named after the ones in Jackson's plan.

Roughly one thousand feet will also house commercial properties, like a bakery we saw that is already built.

So far, 12 families have moved in and taken up traditional living with porches and picket fences.

For the Davises, downsizing from their two-story home was a no-brainer.

"We had the vision of what the neighborhood would be in the future," Walt said.

Tomorrow kicks off the grand opening weekend of Hammond's Ferry. The ribbon cutting is at 10:30 am, and activities run until 6 pm.

They'll resume on Sunday morning.

Events include art exhibits, tree climbing, rowing and home tours.

Hammond's Ferry is located in North Augusta along the Savannah River, between the 13th Street/Georgia Avenue bridge and the Savannah Pointe community. To get there from Georgia Avenue, take Buena Vista east and turn left on Crystal Lake Drive. Follow that road right to Hammond's Ferry.

The prices of these homes range from $200,000 to $1 million. Completion is eight years away, but already quite a few homes have been sold.

As of today, 41 homes have been sold...but that means more than 700 are still up for grabs.

You can learn more about Hammond's Ferry by visiting their website: www.hammondsferry.com.

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