Dumb and Dangerous Driving - April 26, 2007

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Traffic signals are there to stop crashes, but News 12 caught drivers ignoring them, turning out of turn at Wheeler Road and West Wheeler Parkway.

The sign tells drivers not to turn right on red. But in the several hours we spent out there, we only saw one person actually follow the rules.

One woman tells us that kind of driving sent her mother to the emergency room.

If you turn left, get ready to put your defensive driving skills to the test.

Even though left-turning drivers have an arrow and the right-of-way, they still have to dodge drivers going right when they're supposed to stop. We even saw a Federal Express truck doing it.

"It's ridiculous that people see it and ignore it like it's not even there," said Tikesha Wilson. She says people don't even hesitate before making the illegal turn.

Driving like that caused her mother to get into a wreck. She was trying to make a left when another driver across the way was trying to make a right-hand turn.

Two drivers going at the same time, headed right for each other. We saw it happen time and again while we were out watching the intersection. Those drivers managed to avoid a wreck--Tikesha's mother and the driver turning right weren't so lucky.

"It was a three-car pileup," Tikesha said. "A truck hit her, and another car hit her and knocked her across the street.

"Her back was smashed in, she had to go to the emergency room and had numerous injuries."

Tikesha's not the only one who's worried about all these drivers.

"They cut you off, and they're just reckless, and it makes it bad for everybody," said driver C.D. Boneman.

That problem does have a solution. We saw several deputies in that area today. If they see you breaking the rules, they could write you a ticket.

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