Caught on Tape: Edgefield man attacks friend

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April 25, 2007

An Edgefield County man is facing felony charges tonight for attacking his friend after a dispute over money...and it was all caught on tape.

Now authorities say a fight over $30 will cost the attacker a whole lot more.

When you do work for a friend and they don't pay you what they promised, what do you do? Let it go? Well, one man was ready to take his friend to court over $30 dollars...and that caused a violent rumble.

William Cato and his house are a little banged up after a dispute between him and a friend turned violent.

"Told my wife to call 911, get 911 on the phone," William told News 12.

A camera on the outside of his home caught it on tape.

It started Saturday when William's friend David Los showed up to pay him for work he'd done on his swimming pool.

Cato says they agreed on $90, but Los would only pay $60. Cato says when he refused taking less than $90, his friend went wild.

But as Cato went inside to call 9-1-1, Los' destruction continued.

"I feel silly that he went this far, but I don't feel that he should have damaged our house, you know? He did totally wrong," Cato said.

We went by Los' house to get his side, but he had no comment.

State solicitor general Harold Jones says he often deals with disputes over money. He always urges people to go to court before going off.

"An extra $100 to go to court and get your remedy, compared to having a possible criminal record plus other fines and fees...I think it does balance itself out," Jones said.

Now a fight between friends over $30 may have los paying much more than that.

Los is being charged with making terroristic threats and criminal damage to property. Both are felonies. He is also charged with a misdemeanor for simple battery.

Again, if you have a dispute over money, authorities say the best thing to do is to take it to court, even though it could take months before your case is heard.

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