A letter of thanks from Ryan Clark's family

April 25, 2007

We, the family of Ryan Clark, wish to express our heartfelt gratitude for the outpouring of love, support, sympathy and encouragement during our own personal and our nation’s recent tragedy. We will carry the grief from our loss for a lifetime, but we will also carry the memories of our friends’, our community’s, and our country’s overwhelming response. Even though we are saddened by our now very personal awareness of the capacity of one man to alter the hopes and dreams of so many families, your compassion and generosity have strengthened our faith in God’s capacity to shine His light in even the darkest of our experiences. Please accept this humble expression of our gratitude as a personal expression of our thanks to each of you who made God’s love and provision as real and personal as our pain. God bless you all.

The Clark Family

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