On Your Side: False Promises

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April 24, 2007

You might want to be wary of ads for government jobs online and in print. They might not always deliver what they promise.

They're ads for post office or maybe even IRS jobs in classified ads and online. Some will even guarantee you a position with great pay and great benefits.

They may sound great, but they're not all they're cracked up to be. The post office says many of them are scams.

Dianne Dome and Linda Williams nearly fell for them.

"They made it sound as if those jobs were immediately available," Dianne said.

Dianne and Linda met not too long ago at a seminar that supposedly would get them jobs at the post office.

"I've always heard government jobs, in terms of benefits, are great," said Linda.

"You were guaranteed a job within 30 miles of where you live," Dianne said.

The women went to the seminar after responding to an ad.

"They know how to make things sound good," Dianne said.

Everything sounded legit until the women heard that in order to get these supposed jobs they would have to pay nearly $900.

Luckily, that raised their collective red flags and they didn't pay.

12 On Your Side called the post office about this. A spokesperson says many of these ads make promises they can't keep.

When we asked if a person ever needs to pay money to get a job with the post office, the answer was a firm no.

Many of the ads claim to help you train for the postal battery exam. The test is real, but a spokesperson says you can do all the studying you need on your own, and for free.

And they cannot guarantee you a job.

That's a lesson, luckily, Linda and Dianne didn't spend too much money learning...and it's a lesson they want you to share with you.

Again...you don't have to pay to apply for a government job. Click here for information on what jobs are available right now and how you can apply for them.

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