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April 20, 2007

If you've ever wanted to go to work for the good guys and help people solve their problems, here's your chance.

It's called Call For Action, and we've only got a few spots left to fill out the team.

12 On Your Side hit the streets today to find those last few volunteers.

Call For Action is a volunteer-based network staffed by people like you. It helps people in the community get through their problems safely and easily.

We only need a few more people to sign up to before we can get the network up and running here in Augusta.

Today, we stopped by the volunteer fair at the Aiken Mall to try to fill out the staff. It was a good opportunity to talk to a few of the shoppers and let them know how easy it can be to volunteer.

It's just four hours, one day a week, and you'll help take calls from people who have no other place to turn.

We would love to have you volunteer. Just call 1-800-647-1756. We provide all the training and it will be a great opportunity to help the community.

Not to mention it's a chance to feel really good about yourself...especially when you can help that person who couldn't find help anywhere else.

News 12 was one of about a dozen organizations at the fair asking people to donate their time. The Red Cross and the Aiken County Sheriff's Office were among those other organizations.

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