Austin Rhodes Controversy

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More calls today for the firing of local radio talker Austin Rhodes. That after remarks he made over the woman who accused Duke Lacrosse players of raping her.

Rhodes' foes are familiar. Champ Walker and Ryan B, who have talk shows on another radio station.

Walker said the Reverend Jesse Jackson will be in Augusta tomorrow.

While Austin Rhodes may be known as the "lightning rod" of Augusta’s airwaves, editor Tom Grant of the Metro Spirit says make no mistake, Austin crossed the line and this time, he's gone too far.

“I have a real problem with the language he used,” said Tom Grant, editor of the Metro Spirit.

In the latest edition of the paper, Grant reprimands his columnist in print for using racially charged language on WGAC and repeating his statements again on Rejoice 94.7.

“It was racially tainted on its face. He used words that have connotations that don't apply to other racial groups. He knew what he was doing and this kind of race baiting, we don't like that.”

And after a public outcry from civic groups and religious leaders calling for his resignation, Austin may have only fueled the fire by not backing down.

“A sex worker with multiple samples of male semen in her body, I am calling her what she is a ho.
As far as nappy hair goes, that' s a description of myself, if I am going to say that about myself, I’m not going to be shy about saying it about someone else either,” said Rhodes last week.

Local NAACP leaders back that up.

Another protest is planned in front of Beasley broadcasting, where Rhodes works.

“Our message is clear we're not taking a step back until something is done...enough is enough,” said Dr. Charles smith, the president of Augusta’s NAACP chapter.

Grant also said they are waiting for Austin’s response in next week's edition of the paper.

We spoke to a couple sponsors of the Austin Rhodes show, and while some declined to comment, Taylor Toyota did tell us "they are currently not a sponsor of the show nor do they advertise on WGAC as of now."

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