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As the news spread about the shooting, many students turned to technology to find out if their friends and family members were hurt.

They mainly used email and the internet to reach out. One young man tried to reach out to Ryan Clark, but what he feared most had already happened.

Chris Tyler was a high school classmate of Clark’s and when the shooting happened; he put out a message on his Facebook website to try to contact his old friend. He never got a reply back but now he's dedicated the website to Clark.

"When it comes to Ryan, everything is the truth. I mean, he is what he is. And all you're going to hear is wonderful things,” said Tyler.

And you can read wonderful things about Ryan Clark as well. It’s one of the many cyberspace memorials in honor of Clark. His high school friend Chris Tyler started a site after hearing of his friend's tragic death. He says over the past two days, he's gotten over a thousand messages on the site.

On Tuesday, Tyler and others tried to reach out to Clark through the internet to see if he was okay, but he didn’t get a response. Even though they didn't hear back from him, they're now keeping his memory alive through the web:

"They were sending their condolences to Ryan on this page and we actually have a group started for the Virginia Tech and kind of like a memorial for them on there.

It hit everybody, talk to some of my classmates today and its still shocking.”

Tyler decided to dedicate the site to his friend because he says Clark would approve, being technology savvy himself. He says that Clark would have done the same thing for any of his friends.

"There’s just something about him that just brighten our day.

Very energetic, you know. Some days I’ll be down and I will be like why is this guy so happy and it was just him, the whole family… just wonderful people to be around.

To me he's my hero for what he did. He was trying to stand up and protect somebody, and you don't find too many people like that."

In addition to Tyler’s Facebook space there are dozens of other sites and blogs where you can post your condolences, not only for Clark but for the other victims as well.

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