Clark's Brother Speaks Out

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Ryan Clark was a small town boy with big city dreams, and by all accounts was well on his way.

He was a few short weeks away from graduating with top honors at Virginia Tech with not one, not two, but three different majors. Quickly dubbed the over achiever in the family, they always expected Ryan to make headlines one day. But never could they have imagined it would be like this.

“It’s not the wrong place at the wrong time. It's the right place at the wrong time. He was doing what he knew was right,” said his brother Bryan Clark.

Ryan Clark’s twin-brother, Bryan, says Ryan was only doing his job as a 2nd year resident advisor at the Ambler Johnston coed dorm when he was caught in the line of fire.

“There was a commotion and he went to help. That's how he's always been.”

Ryan was one of two victims out of 895 in the dorm that morning who wouldn’t make it out alive.

Kizzi Rice has been Ryan’s best friend since the 6th grade, and despite the horrific images splashed across her TV, she says she never once believed Ryan was hurt, even after trying to call him 4 hours after his death with still no sound of his voice.

“I thought it was a huge mistake. It wasn't possible. Why would someone take my best friend away from me,” said Rice.

Now that a face has finally been put behind the man who pulled the trigger, the wounds are still too fresh for Bryan and his family to feel any resentment to the man who ended Ryan’s life before it could ever really begin.

“I haven't gotten to that point. It's more of a ‘how is a person driven to do such senseless acts?’” said Clark.

“I’m not in angry stage yet. I'm sure ill feel resentment towards him later.”

“We miss him very dearly. We love him very much.”

“He wasn't supposed to die. He died a hero,” said Rice.

Bryan told us his parents were too distraught to talk about the incident.

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