Lincoln Co. Student at Va Tech

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It was a different experience for a mother and principal in Lincoln County.

Dr. Barden found out her son was fine, but that a former student had been killed.

It was the phone call that Virginia Tech parents all over the world were waiting for after yesterday's shooting

“There was nothing like the sound of his voice,” said Barden.

Thirty minutes after learning of the attack, Dr. Becky Barden learned her son Brandon was okay. He's on the football team and had just left the very dorm where the first shooting happened.

But hours later, she was hit with devastating news. Ryan Clark, a former student when she was Assistant Principal at Lakeside High School, was one of the first students killed.

“I kind of just shut down and didn't want to talk to anybody. I went home and got my yearbook to make sure it was who I was thinking about.”

And it was this page that confirmed her worst fear. Former student Ryan Clark was killed. That's when Dr. Barden says the enormity of the Virginia Tech tragedy hit her.

“It all became a lot more real. My sons up there and he's okay but this is somebody I knew and somebody local that it's not okay for. So I shouldn't be as joyful as I am because there is somebody close that doesn't have that joy.”

Barden says it’s Ryan’s last moments of heroism that are a true testament to the man he was and the student she'll always remember.

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