Fighting Over Housing Project

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The fight to keep low-income housing out of the Deans Bridge Road area continues.

Neighbors once again, packing the commission chamber, asking commissioners to deny support developers trying to get money for the project.

Not only did neighbors come to the commission meeting today, they brought an attorney and a petition.

They're asking leaders to deny support for the planned mixed use housing project off Dean's Bridge, which would include some public housing.

The big reason these developers want this support from the city is because it will help them when they apply for loans and tax credits next month.

But homeowners say they're worried about crime and decreasing property values. But builders have continued to move forward, so they've hired an attorney and he says the developers are misleading the community.

“They’re going to get those millions of dollars out of Washington, come down here, build this public housing and I submit to you, by virtue of reading their own material, that’s going to be it,” said Sam Nicholson, attorney for the neighbors.

“We understand we were bamboozled, and hoodwinked by developers and builders, however, we employ the commission to deny any resolution for this project to go forward,” said homeowner Asia Adams.

And that’s what they did. The commission voted against supporting the project on a 6-3 vote.

Some commissioners have suggested the project be moved to the Bethlehem community off MLK Boulevard, but the developers say they will move forward with the project in the South Augusta area, with the help of the housing authority.

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