Lakeside Student Killed at Va Tech

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A former Lakeside High School student was one of the students killed during the Virginia Tech shooting.

23-year-old Ryan Clark from Martinez is believed to have been one of the first victims. Tonight his friends and family are grieving and trying to make sense of all of this.

Ryan Clark was due to graduate in just a few weeks. He was a double major - majoring in English and Biology, and had a 4.0 average. He was very active and wore many hats. But one of the things his friends will remember most is that he always wore a smile, and that is what they'll miss the most.

“He was my best friend, probably the closest person to me in my life so, more so than my family actually so,” said Jeff Czech.

It’s hard for Jeff Czech to believe that his best friend of so many years is gone. Ryan Clark was one of the students killed during the deadly shooting spree on Virginia Tech's campus. Czech describes his friend as smart, ambitious and easy-going he says he was someone who lived life to the fullest.

“He was always fun, outgoing, all over the place, he would do anything for anybody. I was at work today when I found out and I just started bawling, and I don't care to cry in front of people...
That it had to be him."

“It hits you deep in your heart when these things occur,” said Lakeside High School coach Randy Hill.

Hill says that he remembers Clark and his twin brother. It breaks his heart to hear the tragic news of a former student who had such a full life ahead of him, dying so tragically.

"He was just a great kid. He did a lot for the school and sad, just a sad thing and I just pray for the mother and brother too.”

"His mother is devastated...just devastated,” said Greg Czech.

Greg Czech considered Ryan Clark a son. He says that he will miss him as much as any parent would.

"I would consider that true. The band family and the closeness he had with my son make it very special.

My heart and prayers are with all the victims’ parents, relatives, and friends. This is just a tragedy."

"Ryan was a good guy and I wish it wouldn't have happened to him," said Jeff Czech.

Clark’s best friend says that he wanted to be a teacher and continue to help children, something that he's always enjoyed doing. According to Clark’s friends, funeral services and memorial arrangements are not complete.

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