Beasley Broadcasting Boycott

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The protests against radio show host Austin Rhodes continue at this hour. This time the boycott has extended to Beasley Broadcasting and its sponsors.

“When I made the statement, her skin color had nothing to do with it, " Rhodes said.

He still says that he's done nothing wrong. Protesters are lining up outside of Beasley Broadcasting, and radio show host Austin Rhodes is still on air, inside the studio.

The call for change began Monday morning with the mayor and members of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference calling for communication and dialogue. And later, the Augusta Baptist ministers joined the discussion, calling for Rhodes’s termination. The group is also boycotting the station's sponsors.

“Let's stop the madness, the disrespect the, make our city what it should be," said the group’s speaker.

"We’re calling for the boycott of the sponsors and that should affect the economics of it and that should bring about change,” he continued.

Change that the mayor says is long overdue. Copenhaver has not called for Rhodes’s termination but says that there is room for improvement in race communications in Augusta.

"Words do hurt. They have a damaging impact to our community, particularly our children," the mayor said.

"You ought to be sensitive to what to say, nobody can deny. Responsible for the things you do say.”

"They may raise an eyebrow at my ‘phraseology’ but not a one of them can disagree,” Rhodes said.

He said he plans to keep his job and that he has gotten an enormous amount of support, but champ walker says that his group has gotten support, too. Not only from the black community.

“There is massive support,” Walker said.

"I’m not a racist, I never have been a racist, and I can't stand people who are, this has nothing to do with race,” said Rhodes.

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