Murder Suspect Surrenders in Florida

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Jimmy Jones Junior has turned himself in. He is accused of killing his estranged girlfriend, Latoya Singleton, in Augusta early Saturday morning.

This is the case of the young mother, killed while she was holding the couple’s 8 month old daughter.
Monday afternoon, the father of that child, and the only suspect in the case, turned himself in.

The man Richmond County investigators call a cold blooded killer is finally off the streets.

Jimmy Lee Jones Junior turned himself in to the St. Petersburg Police Department.

Deputies believe he drove the eight hours to St. Petersburg in a stolen truck to visit his father.

Once there, St. Petersburg police say he walked to the counter and said he was wanted for homicide.

Jones is accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Latoya Singleton, while she held the couple's eight month old baby in her arms

Sergeant Richard Roundtree with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office said, “We know this person's potential for violence. This is a very brutal crime he shot this person with no agitation at all. He cold blooded murdered an individual in front of their infant child and left a person there for dead.”

The shooting happened early Saturday morning at Singleton's South Augusta home.

Officers responded to a panic call around 3:30 in the morning, but it was too late.

Little Antonasia was found beside her mother's lifeless body. She was not injured.

Three elderly people Latoya cared for were also in the home at the time of the crime, and they were not hurt.

Singleton died of a single gunshot wound to her head, and now her family has a message for Jones.

“You took my cousin and it's a shame. You need to be under the jail and never come out again,” said Tawanna Singleton.

There's also a history of domestic violence here. Jones was just released from jail in 2002.after serving 4 years for aggravated assault on another woman in Burke County.

He is being held at the St. Petersburg police department until Richmond County investigators can pick him up.

Police also say Jones made a phone call from the crime scene, telling his own mother what he had done.

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