Country Club Fire

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An eyewitness tells news 12 he was awakened by the sounds of explosions, dogs barking and sirens around 5:15 am. Now there's not much left after a fire in the North Augusta Country Club.

Sheriff's investigators have roped off the area and are calling it a crime scene, believing this is a suspicious fire, and they have no idea how it started.

Some of the fire fighters say this is one of the worst fires they've fought in this area.
In fact, 4 different fire departments have been on the scene.

Crews got the call around 5:30 Monday morning from people living nearby who say they heard explosions. By the time investigators arrived, it was fully involved. No one was inside, but many country club members have been coming by all morning, watching in disbelief.

“It makes my stomach churn and my heart flutter, I’ve been a member here for thirty years, most recently i was treasurer of the board of directors, and have been with North Augusta for many fine years, it breaks my heart,” said one member.

They haven’t been able to do much investigating so far, because they've been waiting for the building to cool off.

The country club has been here for about 45 years. We're told this past Friday it was sold to a new owner, and they were looking forward to some renovations.

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