Burke County Murder

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One woman is dead and another in jail after a stabbing in Burke County. Investigators say 53 year old Helen Smith Bunyon stabbed 46 year old Brenda Moody Saturday night. Bunyon is in the Burke County jail charged with murder.

It seems everyone in the Midville community and Burke County investigators are still trying to make sense of the crime.

46 year old Brenda Moody was stabbed while at a friend’s house Saturday night. Moody was at a party with her husband at this home off of Magruder Drive, that's off of Highway 56 in Midville. It appears the suspect, Helen Bunyon, was not at the house at first, but came over sometime before 9:00 pm. The two women had a fight in the kitchen area, and that's when investigators say Bunyon stabbed Moody twice, once in the chest and once in the back of the head. Moody then ran for help and her husband took her to an emergency center in Midville where she was pronounced dead.

Bunyon was found walking down Scott’s Store Road about two to three miles from where the stabbing happened. Investigators say she was heavily intoxicated at the time of her arrest and they had to use mace in order to arrest her. The two women did know one another, but investigators say there were no known problems between the two.

“It’s hard when it’s an innocent person. It's hard to hear someone lose their life that had a husband and were high school sweethearts and got married after they graduated and this happens. It's just a tragedy for Burke County,” said Captain Frankie Parker of the Burke County Sheriff’s Office.

Bunyon is charged with murder and possession of a knife during the commission of a crime.

Investigators say this isn’t the first time Bunyon has been in jail charged with a stabbing. She has an extensive criminal history with multiple aggravated assaults on her record, including one instance where she stabbed her husband in the neck. She was never convicted because he did not press charges.

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