Army Chief of Staff Visit

Fort Gordon hosted an important visitor Saturday.

The newly appointed Army Chief of Staff General George Casey toured the post and was briefed by Brigadier General Randolph Strong on training, operations, and command issues.

Here's one focus of the visit, in light of the ongoing Walter Reed scandal that broke last month in Washington, General Casey toured Eisenhower Army Medical Center to check up on the care that soldiers here receive.

He said, "Frankly, I’m very pleased with what I saw here, in terms of the capabilities that they have and in terms of what they're doing to process the wounded soldiers through what's a pretty difficult disability system."

General Casey said that, as a training facility, Fort Gordon is an integral part of the army's success.

The tour is part of General Casey’s two month transition plan. He wants to hear from soldiers and leaders at different installations on the current state of the army, as well as make preparations for the future.

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