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Local radio show host Austin Rhodes is in hot water with some members of the black community.

Was it the word "nappy" or the word "ho" that has gotten the African American community so upset?
Many of them say they both weigh the same when it’s used unnecessarily over radio airwaves.

Austin Rhodes had said, “To me, nappy head - that was my nickname in high school I don't necessarily get offended particularly when it’s used as a term of endearment."

It may be a term of endearment for radio show host Austin Rhodes, but it’s not for many in Augusta’s African American community.

On Friday, during his show, Rhodes referred the woman who accused the duke lacrosse players of rape the same way Don Imus referred to the Rutgers’s women’s basketball team.

He said, "A sex worker with multiple samples of male semen in her body, I am calling her what she is, a ho. As far as nappy hair goes, that's a description of myself, if I am going to say that about myself, I’m not going to be shy about saying it about somebody else either.”

Community activist champ walker said, "Do we excuse Imus and Austin Rhodes? We can't.”

Walker is leading the charge against Rhodes. He says the repeated comments and references were simply uncalled for, and now he and others want Rhodes removed from the airwaves.
"You can't call any woman, black or white, a ho. When you say nappy headed ho, we obviously know you mean black.”

Minister Vincon Baker with the Church of Christ said, "even if it wasn't illegal or unethical at this time, was it the right thing to say at this time, should we continue to flame fire.”

Baker said that Rhodes has pushed the envelope before, but this time is different. "it is a term that is derogatory; it is a term that hits a chord in black women throughout this area. Not only black women, but white women also."

Rhodes says the situation has had a consequence. “There is one directive that has come down from my boss on all this… I am not allowed to call WAAW anymore.”

Walker said, “I tried to call his station today, he calls my show I call his, and I was told they would not allow me on air.”

Rhodes said, “Did I cross the line? I don't think I did anyway."

Walker said, "we're in therapy...we don't like it when we call each other those names and certainly our counterparts shouldn't be able to call us that as well."

Saturday at noon, there's a planned protest at WGAC and Beasley broadcasting, the station that carries Austin Rhodes' show. Walker says that they are not going to stop until Rhodes is off the air. Rhodes still says that he was expressing opinion.

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