Petersen opponents, supporters speak at board meeting

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April 12, 2007

THOMSON, Ga.---At tonight's brief McDuffie County school board meeting, three people got up to speak about Dr. Mark Petersen, the superintendent.

Last month, News 12 reported on the auditor's findings that some money had been misspent and then paid back.

The auditor found taxpayer money paid for a plane ticket for Petersen's wife and a registration fee to a conference--money that has since been repaid.

"If you're going to allow this, you're saying, 'Come down here and get a plane ticket on the board. Come down here and get it, and the board will reimburse you'," said parent Kebearal Rivers.

"And don't say it's been taken care of," said fired bus driver Gayle Odom. "That's like sweeping it under the rug, it's not taken care of."

"I just want to tell him thank you, and I do appreciate you supporting those kids," said parent Billy Anderson.

School board chair Jerry Randolph said the board would take the comments under advisement, and if there's a problem, they'll straighten it out.

You can see the audit for yourself here.

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