7-year-old boy says he wants to be a deputy like Alton Creech when he grows up

News 12 at 6 o'clock / Friday, May 17, 2013

Israel Cortes (WRDW-TV)
Israel Cortes (WRDW-TV)

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Seven-year-old Israel Cortes only met Deputy Alton Creech for a couple of hours, but Creech made a lasting impression on the boy, who says when he grows up, he wants to be just like him.

"I wanted to be a cop," beamed 7-year-old Cortes.

But he didn't want to be just any cop, Cortes wants to be a deputy just like Alton Creech.

"'Cause he gets to ride on a motorcycle, and he gets to do cool stuff that I never did," he explained.

Cortes only spent a few hours with the deputy while he was touring the Sheriff's Office one day, but it's obvious Creech made a lasting impression.

"He showed me his motorcycle, and he let me put on his helmet. He's funny and he's nice," Cortes said.

A wish granted for this 7-year-old boy who wants to be a cop, but after he heard Creech was hurt in a bad motorcycle accident, this little boy had a different wish.

"He was upset. He wanted to know. He said he wanted to make sure his friend is OK because he already considers himself a cop. So to him, among his brothers, he has to make sure everybody is OK," explained Cortes' mother, Tracy Cortes.

It didn't stop at thoughts and prayers. Cortes and his siblings went the extra mile to show they care.

"I made him a card, and I gave him a necklace. To be nice to him 'cause when he got hurt," Cortes said.

"His card, it looked like more for a police department. It was blue and had a badge made on the front with Deputy Creech's name in it," his mother said.

Even though Creech has lost the fight for his life, Cortes has a message from one deputy to another, "I feel bad for him when he got in a wreck."

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