Aiken County deputies arrest suspected peeping Tom

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April 12, 2007

AIKEN CTY, S.C.---A two-time convicted sex offender has been arrested again. This time Arthur Frazier is accused of peeping into a child's bedroom.

Authorities say neighbors in the Country Squire mobile home park have been living in fear for the last six months that someone has been watching them in the privacy of their own homes. Now neighbors say they're glad he's finally been put behind bars.

For the last six months, deputies say Arthur Lee "Stank" Frazier has been lurking in the Country Squire mobile home park, terrorizing neighbors by peeping in their windows.

"He was definitely peeking into the window," said Aiken County Deputy Mike Goodwin. "He was so into it he didn't even see the person, the complainant walking up to him."

One of his latest victims is only nine-years-old. The boy saw a man looking in his window on Easter.

"His parents were afraid he wouldn't sleep in his bed anymore, so they played it off as if he was the Easter Bunny," Deputy Goodwin said.

Deputies say they've been called out to the neighborhood at least eight times, but couldn't identify the peeper until the nine-year-old's father got a good look at him.

The only reason he did was because he caught the same man looking into another home.

"He said he was within ten or 15 feet away from the suspect when he saw him peeping into a trailer," Deputy Goodwin said.

The information he gave to the sheriff's office fit the height and weight of a sex offender who lived just a half a mile away in Kellogg Park. That's when officers were finally able to make an arrest.

"Through my experience it's a fetish...inside these people, they can't control it."

Thelma Clemons, a BAE plant officer and mother of three, was caught off guard when we told her about the arrest.

"He was probably looking in my kids' window, I don't know," she said.

His bond was set at $40,000. He faces up to three years in jail for both charges, or a fine of $5,000.

According to the state's sex offender registry website, Frazier was convicted of two counts of voyeurism back in 2003.

The names and ages of those victims were not listed under the registry.

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