On Your Side: Disappearing Data

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April 12, 2007

The identities of millions of Georgians are at risk after a CD containing their personal information was lost.

It's hard to believe one CD could put nearly three million Georgians at risk of identity theft, but that's just what happened.

State officials say a Dallas-based company called ACS is to blame for losing the disk, which was being shipped from Atlanta to another Medicaid contractor in Maryland.

The information on the disc included information for people on Medicaid and Peachcare for kids from June 2002 to June 2006.

The information includes names, social security numbers, birth dates and addresses...all the key ingredients needed for identity theft.

An ACS spokesperson says the disc was shipped with 16 other packages the same day. The rest all made it to their destinations safe and sound.

If you think your information might be at risk, you need to call 1-866-213-3969. That's where you can get many of your questions answered and find out how you can get your free credit report to make sure your identity is safe and sound.

Here's the good news: so far both the state and ACS say there are no indications right now that any of the data is being misused.

That doesn't mean it couldn't happen. You should call that number and check your credit report if you think you could be affected.

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