Daniel Street murder suspect on the loose

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April 10, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---53-year-old Freddie Jones was shot twice in the head on Daniel Street yesterday. He later died from his injuries at MCG.

Now investigators are looking for Lavardes "Chicago" Lockhart. They identified that suspect thanks to the help of the 24-hour Volunteer Homicide Team.

Catching murder suspects means analyzing the crime scene and interviewing anyone who has information. Sgt. Calvin Chew says the more people on the case, the better.

"Just having two investigators out there is not enough," he said. "We need at least four or five."

That's why a team of five investigators volunteer their time whenever there's a need, to help supervisors like Sgt. Chew solve cases like this.

They're trying to find out why Jones was at the house, when he lives almost ten miles away.

One possibility: neighbors say he ran a catering business.

"He helped serve a lot of the elderly in that area," Sgt. Chew said. "They know him in that area."

They're also looking into how it happened. Neighbors say they heard gunshots, then investigators found Jones face down by his Lincoln Navigator.

The next question is why.

"Any killing is a senseless killing," Sgt. Chew said.

Sgt. Chew says solving senseless killings means getting as many people as possible out there as quickly as possible, and the extra help from the homicide team is making all the difference.

"The old adage: after 48 hours, it gets harder to solve," Sgt. Chew said.

We're almost at the 24 hour mark, so every person counts.

If you know where Lavardes Lockhart is, you're asked to call the Richmond County Sheriff's Office at 706-821-1080.

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