Dumb and Dangerous Driving at the Masters

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Masters means more cars on the road, and that means more chances for people to break the rules.

We caught some amazing dumb and dangerous driving at Berckman's and Washington Road. It's by far the worst driving we've ever caught on camera. The only thing that seems to be on people's minds is getting into the Tournament. And that means chaos.

They're coming from every direction, and that means gridlock.

In some cases, it's an annoying delay. But in others, it puts pedestrians in the middle of traffic.

Detroit Masters fan Chris Schroder says the attitude on the road is this: "Whatever it takes, I'm going to get to the Masters. If I die, they're going to drag me, and that's it. I got run over by six trucks, and it's okay, I'm at the Masters."

He and other pedestrians have to dodge drivers. We saw two cars cut in front of pedestrians, then a van heading straight toward them.

Later we saw a US marshal block a crosswalk. He had to back up to let people go by.

David Laws, who works nearby, sees this kind of thing every year.

"A lot of people, 'Hurry up and move, I got to get in. I've been in traffic for too long and can't find parking'," he said.

For the people who already found parking, they're in a hurry to get inside...even if it means standing in the middle of the road when it's not their turn, or running through traffic.

But the problem doesn't stop there.

"They ignore the cones, the signals, that kind of thing," said Masters patron Dave Rothecker.

Or they can't get around the cones.

We saw one bus driver gets out of his bus and actually move the cones. He was still unable to make the right turn, so he got out and moved them again.

Meanwhile, the intersection got more and more congested, with more people trying to turn at the same time.

Chris worries all the rushing could make him miss the Masters altogether.

"A 2000 lb car will blow your knees out in a hurry. It will ruin your whole day," he said.

That's why deputies are out there in full force, directing traffic and trying to keep this a safe and fun week for everyone.

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