Hospitality companies buy up properties near Augusta National

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April 4, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Masters fans are taking over a nearby least, for the week.

In the area right outside the course, you can definitely expect VIP treatment. And the VIP area is growing.

There's already about a dozen suits near Azalea Drive. Now a Phoenix-based developer is selling six more lots for even more Masters Week hospitality.

Chad Lord lives near all the hospitality activity.

"The street gets pretty crazy," he said.

It's about to get even crazier. Hospitality suites are moving into two houses and a vacant lot on either side of his house and several more locations down the street.

James Guajardo with U.S. Property Wholesalers says hospitality companies and individual businesses are looking to buy.

"There's a dynamic need for corporate hospitality growth," he said.

Guajardo says a growing number of golf fans are in town looking for VIP treatment.

"Cigars...anything you want," said Paul White.

"They take care of us very well," Mitch White said.

The exclusive suites already lining Azalea Drive take care of things like housing, parking, and everything in between...from massages to the sushi bar to the open bar.

"We're just here to do whatever they want us to do," said Anne Mathews with VIP Sports Marketing.

And starting next year, hundreds more people will spend Masters Week in style...right next door to neighbors like Chad.

"It's a lot of fun," he said. "A lot of stuff goes on when Masters comes many people that come down here."

Guajardo tells us all the properties they're selling are in the Azalea Drive area. The people who live on those properties are getting retail value for their houses.

They're accepting offers until Friday. Each property could sell for a few hundred thousand.

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