Deadly accident on Central Avenue

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April 2, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Richmond County deputies are looking into a crash that killed an Augusta woman yesterday near the 1900 block of Central Avenue.

Neighbors say this is the second bad accident in the area in just a few months. Now they're calling for drivers to slow down.

40-year-old Tina Wicker was behind the wheel when the car slammed into an apartment.

"It didn't even sound like a car crashing, it sounded like an something exploded," said neighbor Rachel Kee.

Carrie Wolfe was on her porch playing with her son when she heard what would be the last seconds of Wicker's life.

"I heard a vehicle come down Central Avenue very fast, and I imagine I heard it when it started sliding because I could hear it very well. And then we heard the impact."

Wicker and her passenger were coming down Augusta's Central Avenue when she lost control of the car. Her Ford Taurus hit an embankment then went airborne into a front porch.

The Jaws of Life were used to pull Wicker from her car. She later died at MCG.

"It's very sad," said Kee. "Kind of a very heavy event."

"All last night I just kept looking at my child," Wolfe said. "You just have to be so careful."

Neighbors say another accident happened almost at the same spot just last Thanksgiving, when a driver who was speeding around the same curve on Central Avenue lost control of his vehicle and hit a retainer wall just feet from where Wicker's car landed.

Now they want other drivers to slow down

News 12 has learned the 66-year-old passenger was ejected during that crash. He is listed in stable condition at MCG.

A weapon was also recovered from the vehicle. No charges are expected to be filed.