Local businesses anticipate Masters profits

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March 30, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---We're just three days away from the first practice round at Augusta National, and local businesses are banking on big crowds.

Another year has passed, and Augusta is once again ready to go.

"Yeah, we quadruple our sales," Chad Stawicki, manager of Hooters, told News 12.

Employees at Hooters have worked for weeks, expanding the floor space and bringing in more tables and more than 50 new employees.

"From North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, wherever they'll help out," Stawicki said. "The other Hooters around the country, we take them in."

And for Augusta's Knights Inn, business is also in bloom.

"We're going to be excited," said manager Dinesh Patel.

Patel and his staff are looking forward to the 60 percent repeat business, an annual stream of customers they've welcomed year after year.

"Most of the guests (are) coming on Sunday this time," he said. "So ninety percent will be full on Sunday."

And across the street, Bonefish Grill is serving up specials on its menu, like new bottles of wine and specialty seafood.

"We're also offering monkfish next week and North Atlantic Butterfish," said Dan Morr, managing partner at Bonefish.

A master menu at one restaurant, rooms for rent, and a stepped up social scene...all banking on the business of out-of-towners.

"I-20's right there, the Masters course is just three miles down the road. I don't think we can miss," Morr said.

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