Dumb and Dangerous Driving - March 29, 2007

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People are racing down roads as children are headed to school, and parents are worried about their safety.

It's happening on Curtis Drive in North Augusta. Speeders during the morning rush hour turn the normally quiet neighborhood streets into a racetrack.

The problem is so bad, some people are afraid to let their kids in the front yard at all.

We spotted cars going 15 miles over the speed limit as kids were walking in their yards and people were backing out of their driveways. Michael Jordan says people like this zip past his house all the time.

"The cars speed up and down the road, they come down the hill, and they've got to be running 45, 50 miles per hour," he said.

He parks his car across the driveway to keep his kids away from speeding cars.

People are speeding during a time when lots of children are on the road, getting on the bus and heading to the nearby schools.

Michael's neighbor Allen Wylds says these high speeds are dangerous for the kids and the parents. He had to pull out and stop so his wife can back out of the driveway safely.

"They're speeding terribly down the road," he said. "There's almost been several accidents where I was almost rear-ended."

That's why he asked North Augusta Public Safety to run radar. And Officer Chris Toole says there's no tolerance for this: "The worst part would be a fatality, a head injury, any type of accident to a kid is pretty bad."

That's why Jordan is keeping a close eye on his kids.

"One bad move...and it's over."

North Augusta Public Safety says you could get up to $440 for speeding through the area.

We also called traffic engineering to let them know about the problem, to see about getting a stop sign put in that area.

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