Cause of deadly Grovetown fire still unclear

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March 26, 2007

GROVETOWN, Ga.---The coroner's office says David Inglett and Elizabeth Davis are the couple who died in a mobile home fire on Whiskey Road in Grovetown early yesterday morning.

Today, fire investigators were there trying to find out how it started.

In Grovetown today, it was apparent that the tragic fire is affecting this small community. People drove by the burnt out mobile home all day, some breaking down crying, trying to make sense of a fire investigators have no answers for.

Fire investigators hope what's left of the home is enough to determine what sparked a blaze that killed David Inglett and his girlfriend Elizabeth Davis, leaving Robert Inglett without his son.

"It's rough," Robert told News 12. "It's going to get rougher. But we'll get through it."

The fire broke out early yesterday morning. David's cousin Paul Gay lives next door. He says the sound of an explosion woke him up, and he ran outside to help.

"That's when the light pole started popping," he recalled. "It was like the fourth of July. It was going off. It was unreal."

All day family and friends stopped by to see it for themselves. Many were stung by the reality.

Veda Wood says Elizabeth was her best friend, whom she talked to every day.

"Now I don't have anybody to talk to," she said.

Some of the couple's family is questioning why it took 15 minutes for firefighters to arrive when the department is only two miles away.

"It seemed like they spent more time investigating how the fire started instead of getting my cousin out of the fire," Gay said.

While there is a lot uncertain, folks we spoke to say one thing's for sure: Elizabeth and David were in love. The couple planned to get married in May.

For a couple that was known to always be together, their friends and family say they find some comfort in knowing a fire hasn't changed that.

"They're together now," Wood said. "They're together."

Their dog was also killed in the fire.

An autopsy is scheduled on the couple tomorrow morning. Fire officials are still trying to determine a cause.

Grovetown's fire chief says he went back and pulled records and says firefighters arrived in seven minutes, not 15.

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