Dumb and Dangerous Driving - March 22, 2007

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AUGUSTA, Ga.---Deputies warn this week's deadly motorcycle crash happened in a dangerous area: near the Family Y on Wheeler Road.

They say the driver of a minivan pulled out of the parking lot right in front of a motorcycle.

Deputies say driving out of turn happens there every day.

It's a very congested area, and deputies say the danger starts when people try to beat the traffic.

We watched as a car waited a while, then made a left turn out of turn. Driving like this makes Jack Foreman nervous.

"It's very dangerous. To me anyway. Actually...it's dangerous for everyone."

He hits the gym during off-peak hours to avoid drivers who try to avoid the wait. Like an SUV we saw trying to go left at the same time a car went right.

Even when someone lets you cut in, Cpl. Gary Jones says watch out. You could end up blocking traffic, and people in the other lane may not see you.

"You have to be sure when you exit a driveway you can see all the lanes," he said.

All people coming out of the Family Y have is a stop sign. They don't have a light to allow them to cross Wheeler, a four lane road. And there is a lot of traffic. All the congestion also causes a problem just down the road.

It's the same problem: people cutting in front out of turn. We saw a car switching lanes at the last second, putting some at risk and leaving others stuck in traffic

"There's a lot of traffic around here," said driver Kyle Tinsley. "A lot of people don't pay attention to what's going on at this intersection."

Whether it's drivers getting blocked in, cars inching their way too far out, or two people trying to turn at the same time to the same place, Jack Foreman says driving here has gotten far too dangerous.

"This is bad, on down it's bad...it's a madhouse."

Augusta's traffic department says about 25 percent of all the accidents that happened in that general area last year happened because people went out of turn.

There's more than a ticket at stake. It's dangerous, and as we found out this week, it can be deadly.

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