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March 22, 2007

Saving money is something we all like to do, especially when it comes to eating out.

One website helps you to do that while supporting local businesses.

It's incredibly easy. You just go to Restaurant.com, buy a discounted gift card, and the next time you go out to eat, your check will be a little cheaper.

It always feels good to save a little money. It almost makes you feel like you're beating the system.

But it's not always easy to do...until now.

Ion Bratinu's restaurant Tap Tap has a little bit of everything.

"Euro Cajun fusion, tapas and wine bar," Ion explained.

They've also got a way to get your food a little cheaper than what's on the menu. The secret? A little website called Restaurant.com.

The website works like this: Go to the page and then type in your zip code. That will bring up a number of local restaurants--some you might know, some you might not.

Here's the good part. Each one listed is offering a discounted gift card. For a $25 coupon, you pay just $10. For a $10 coupon, you pay just $3.

Sounds pretty good huh?

"We decided to do it because we have things many people have never seen before, and in order for people to come in, we wanted to give them a really good incentive," Ion told 12 On Your Side.

It's something that helps both the customer and the business.

There are some stipulations for most places though...you have to read the fine print for those.

So how much will you save?

A $25 coupon will cost you $10, but they all require you to buy at least $35 worth of food to use it. So that's another $10, which brings you to $20.

That means you save around $15.

It is money saved that can make you and business owners like Ion happy.

"I'm really thankful for all of it," Ion said.

Ion says Tap Tap has seen between 85 to 90 percent of its regular customers come from Restaurant.com.

Check it out for yourself: Restaurant.com

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