McDuffie County overspending accounted for

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March 21, 2007

New information on a story News 12 first brought you earlier this month involving federal education money spent in McDuffie County.

The state auditor's office found McDuffie County spent nearly $50,000 more on their Title 1 program than they were supposed to.

The state auditor said the school system filed an inaccurate report on the money.

Now, the state board of education is saying the money's all accounted for, though it does agree McDuffie County spent more money than they were given.

The McDuffie County school comptroller, Tom Smalley, told News 12 the money to cover the overspending came from McDuffie County's general funds.

Click here for the state auditor's initial report.

Click here for the full breakdown of McDuffie County's Title I expenditures for 2006.

Click here to read emails from the Georgia Department of Education's financial review director indicating that no further action is required from McDuffie County concerning the overspending.

McDuffie County school board president Jerry Randolph has asked News 12 to clarify that the comment posted below by a "J. Randolph" was not made by him.

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