Local Update - March 20, 2007

Richmond County deputy's car crashes in Burke County

A Richmond County deputy car crashed on Allen Road in Burke County around 5:15 this morning. The deputy driving the car was airlifted to MCG from the Burke County Medical Center.

Dispatchers tell News 12 his car was the only car involved in the accident. Georgia State Patrol officers are investigating how it happened.

Three shooting suspects on the loose

Several people are still on the loose after a shooting that injured a teenager on Olive Road Sunday (March 18).

Yesterday, Richmond County investigators found an abandoned burgundy Nissan Altima at 12th and Perry. They say there were shell casings from the shooting in the car.

Investigators say four men were involved in the shooting at the Pak-n-Go station at Olive Road and Wharton Drive around 11:30 Sunday.

A 19-year-old remains in critical condition.

Three suspects are still out there, including Demarius Barber.

Rommie Williams is in jail, charged with aggravated assault.

The other two suspects are not identified.

Pet food recall

Menu Foods tested the pet food it has recalled on some animals, and the results are staggering.
One out of every six pets who ate the food died.

Cliff Beardon of Martinez says his dog Bojo got very sick after eating one of the nearly 100 brands of pet food recently recalled.

The food is associated with the deaths of several pets across the nation.

The common denominator among them is kidney failure, which is just what Bojo had.

Luckily, Cliff acted fast and got Bojo to the vet.

Click here for a complete list of recalled pet food, or call 1-866-895-2708.

If you suspect your dog or cat is sick from the pet food, take it in to the vet just to be on the safe side.

Contamination confirmed in Hyde Park

What many Hyde Park residents suspected is true.

A leader from Georgia's Environmental Protection Division says there's contamination in their community, but it can be cleaned up without moving them.

Earlier this month, EPD branch chief Mark Smith conducted tests in Hyde Park.

He says lead is the only hazardous contaminant he found, and it was only in areas where kids would not play.

Some are concerned it's still a danger.

"Kids will play anywhere," said Commissioner Marion Williams. "Especially the kids who don't have a park or place to pay, they make their own playground."

"Ditches are still contaminated," said resident Eunice Jordan. "Children are still playing in soil and ditches."

Some commissioners and neighbors in Hyde Park say even if the area is not badly contaminated, the stigma attached to Hyde Park has dropped their property values for good.

MCG dental school funding

Big news for Augusta's dental school. Yesterday the State House Appropriations Committee approved giving MCG's dental school $5 million.

It's not a done deal yet though--it still needs full state House and Senate approval.

The money will go toward the $108 million dental school.

In all, MCG will raise $30 million, with the rest eventually coming from the state.

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