Aiken Triple Crown kicks off

March 17, 2007

For one local city, the next three weekends mean some serious horsing around.

The Aiken Triple Crown got underway today with its first leg: the Aiken Trials. This year is the 65th edition of that race.

"This is the best, most fun in the world. Every year we come here," said spectator Elizabeth Rikard. "My parents get the spot, it's a beautiful day, the horse races...the whole Triple Crown is fantastic."

"It truly is a fun thing. You get to see people that you haven't seen in a while if you live out here, so it's really a fun thing for families," said Hilary Rangos.

"We always come," said Lacy Copley. "My dad's always come, my grandfather's always come and now I want to show my daughter. Bring my daughter. Let her see everything that I've seen."

"Oh, it's just a huge industry," said racer Jessica Schultz. "I mean of all the horse sports, it's one the public can really take part in and join in and bet and just havin' a real good time."

"When you win all three, man, it makes a perfect day, so I mean you can't really beat it, you know?" said racer Chad Frederick.

"We look forward to this every year. And to start off early 2007 like they did, we want to say thank you," said spectator Michael Yon.

Here's what's planned for the next two weekends:

The Aiken Spring Steeplechase is next Saturday, March 24 at Ford Conger Field, and the Pacers and Polo match will be held at Powderhouse Fields the following Saturday, March 31.

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